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Power Plaza
Quality Policy
Realizing customer satisfaction
1) Power plaza is a professional manufacturer of SMPS having the domestic production system for all products and strengthens the competitiveness based on stable supply and quality of service.

2) Power plaza focuses on small quantity batch production basis but by structuring the delivery production system and having a suitable product for the customer, we provide a faster service.

3) Power plaza offers a life time free of charge repair service on the reparable products in order to minimize the burden of customers and to increase the reliability of the products.
Reliable quality system
1) By introducing a production filing system, all production process can be identified at a glance and all employees can become a supervisor to inspect and service and we operate a consistent quality management system.

2) Power plaza constantly performs the automation of production and inspection process in order to secure the uniform quality and maintains a constant level of quality to improve the yield of products, and all employees are actively participating in the reduction of production costs.

3) By introducing a real-name system for each production and inspection process, all production work is given reliability and responsibility. We are operating a recognition system of inspectors.

4) We are interdependent in the relationship between the partners and by maintaining a relationship of mutual trust, we are securing the reliability of the parts quality and based on this we are improving the quality of the products.
Environmentally friendly leap
1) Power plaza will comply with the international conventions and environmental regulations in order to protect the human and nature, and through research and development of environmentally friendly materials and with new challenges, we will lead the way for achieving the society of coexistence for human and nature.

2) The quality and environmental management of Power plaza and the entire work process of the company including sales/design/purchase/production and custom service is faithfully carried out according to the quality and environmental procedures through organic communication between each department.

3) Power plaza is continuing its environmental improvement activities by minimizing the influence on the environment by the products, production and service activities and with environmental friendly management commitment and technology development.