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All human beings are faced with a serious energy crisis.
Recently, there was the Fukushima nuclear accident in the aftermath of a great earthquake in East Japan. The third light which seems to provide a solution to overcome the energy problems of humans have shown a dire consequences of nuclear. Catastrophe is nearing the mankind. Even in our country, over 40% of electricity is powered by nuclear plants.

The electric vehicle being developed by our company is also using such energy to charge. It really is a sad thing. It feels like the significance of our environmental business is receiving a significant damage.

Currently, our environmentally friendly related business is bringing good results. We expect to continue the investment in the future. Over the years, our specialized technical skills are shining. However, due to largely distorted energy policies, we cannot hide the anxiety of being greatly influenced by such policies for the will of our business.

As soon as possible, it requires the formulation of all policies focusing on the global environment. However, in our perspective, it will be too hard to achieve it. Besides having a thought of planting the apple tree even if the earth is destroyed the next day, there is nothing we can do.

Cheer up to those of you who are planting the apple tree, but how about if we give a little more heart to the earth's environment. I will also try hard to find a solution for this problem as well.

2011 April 21