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Subject Request For Offer Price & Catalog Product
Name Kumpul Murwanto Date 2019-07-12 15:31:10
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Dear Power Pulse Team,


I’m Kumpul M, from PT. Comeca Indonesia.

Currently I support to our HQ (COMECA France) to search for AC DC Converter for their production needs. FYI that COMECA Group is a Specialist in electrical equipment (MV & LV Panels manufacturer) and related services

AC DC Converter we needed as following specs ;

20KW EV module :

AC /DC bidirectional converter module

Output power : >= 20kW

AC Input voltage: 3 phases 400Vac

DC Output voltage : 400Vdc – 800Vdc

Air forced cooling

Canbus or other communication

Possibility to put 6 or 8 converter in parallel

CE certificate


Yearly quantity is around 1,200 Pcs, but you can send the Price for 200 Pcs, 600 Pcs or 1,200 Pcs (depending on the shipment).

Really appreciate if you can send the Offer price (based on your product type), lead time delivery, incoterm, payment term and other purchasing condition.

It’s better also if you can send the Catalog/Brochure related with your proposal product.


Best Regards,

Kumpul Murwanto

Supply Chain & IPO Manager


Lippo Cikarang Industrial Estate, Jl. Akasia 3, Blok A3 No.7

Delta Silicon I, Cikarang, Bekasi 17550-INDONESIA

Phone: +62 21 8990 5346 / 8990 5347 ext. 106

Fax: +62 21 8990 5348

E-mail: m.kumpul@comeca-group.com




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