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Subject PowerPlaza presents its yebbujana R2 electric roadster
Name powerplaza Date 2016-03-09 17:14:53
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Power Plaza presents its Yebbujana R2 electric roadster03 Mar 2016Power Plaza is presenting its Yebbujana R2 electric roadster in Geneva. Based on the 2015 Yebbujana R concept, the lightweight convertible claims a maximum range of 765 km from its 81 kWh battery at a speed of 60 kph, while maximum velocity is given at 199 kph. It is scheduled to launch by 2017 for around 33,000 and 47,000 euros.


Power Plaza Co Ltd is going to exhibit at 2016 Geneva Motor Show for the first first time and introduce the 'Yebbujana R2', as a Battery Electric Roadster. The Product slogan "Drawing the Innocence of Electric Vehicle" is dedicated to the purity of the Electric Drive, which does no harm to mankind and environment.


YEBBUJANA electric cars are built with a "One-piece" monocoque structure. Power Plaza is emphasizing the unique curved figure of the car body for 'YEBBUJANA R2' and the convertible roof which is still close to prototype version.


YEBBUJANA R2 has a maximum range of 765km (with a constant speed of 60km/h) on a single charge. This is possible due to a 81kWh battery capacity and the car's light total weight of 837kg because of a carbon fiber structure. Furthermore, the roadster allows a dynamic driving experience with a "permanent-magnet synchronous motor" (PMSM) with 80kW output and a 5-speed manual transmission, in order to achieve the maximum speed of 199km/h plus the "0 to 100km/h" acceleration in 4.07 seconds. The company has developed its own battery packing technique to secure safety and high efficiency, and applied the European standard charging method, "AC 3 phase".






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